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A good home alarm system to fend of thieves

Did you know that in the last year alone more and more families from San Antonio opted to have a home alarm system installed in their homes? These San Antonio families sleep better at night because they have an electronic watchdog to guard them. Just try and imagine that you are sleeping at night and you hear your front door open. it’s not because you forgot to lock it but because some thief has just opened it with a bumper key. If you don’t have a home alarm system installed, one night you might not be so lucky as to be awakened by a creaking door. Bumper keys are common in the Sand Antonio underground. They’re special keys that can open almost any lock. In all cases, your front door, should it not be a special security door with a special security lock, can be opened by such a bumper key. If you don’t have a home alarm system in your home, such a tiny key might one day facilitate people to enter your home and rob the place.

A bumper key is a key that has all its small teeth filed down to the same size. Thieves in San Antonio insert this key almost all the way in then bump it with a hammer or a rock while at the same time turning the key in its place. This sens a kinetic shock through the metal and the springs in your lock jump and fall into the crevices of the key allowing one to open the door. If there is no home alarm system to ring loudly when this happens, you might wake up one morning and find out your TV set is gone, your electronic equipment is gone, you kid’s PlayStation or XBox is gone. Your wife can’t find her jewelry and all the money you had tucked away is gone too. All because you didn’t have a home alarm system to wake you up when someone enters your home.

Other thieves in the San Antonio area cut a hole in one of your windows and use that to reach in and open said window. They climb in at the cover of darkness and empty your house. With a home alarm system you can have special sensors attached to your window glass. these sensors react when the glass is shattered or cut and they notify the home alarm system which in turn rings the alarm. loudly. It will wake up your entire San Antonio neighborhood. A home alarm system is better than a dog because it can have eyes anywhere you want it to. You can have a number of security cameras and sensors placed anywhere, in or around your house. These cameras can have night vision and they can be made to record constantly or just when they sense movement. A good home alarm system notifies the police the moment it senses a break-in or it can notify a security company that you have a contract with.

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