The GE Simon XT Control Panel home alarmThe GE Simon XT Control Panel


The control panel is the ‘brains’ of a home security system. With the GE Simon XT, you get a full-featured home security platform that combines the best of home security with ease of use. Arming, emergency response, and status updates are all available. With its robust programming system, the Simon XT allows you to upgrade and create an alarm system that fits your needs. Protecting your home and family couldn’t be easier then with the GE Simon XT control panel.

Highlighted Features

  • Controls 40 monitored zones for extra sensors. Meaning – you have more options to secure your home.
  • Battery backup lasts for up to 24 hours in case of lost power and automatically recharges when power is restored.
  • Fully Supervised (Self Testing)-Helps to Insure your Alarm System is Working Properly
  • 200 Word Vocabulary- Gives immediate feedback to let you know exactly where the intrusion is taking place.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Panic buttons- No need to answer multiple questions, Help is on the way.
  • Large Backlit Buttons and LCD Display

Z-wave door lock home alarm
Z-Wave Door lock


True remote locking because of motor-driven bolt Code capacity: 30 codes of 4-8 digits in length

  • Bolt-lock can be retracted and projected wirelessly
  • Full 128-bit encryption
  • Customizable auto re-lock feature
  • Tapered deadbolt compensates for door misalignment conditions such as a warped door
  • Includes SmartKey Re-Key Technology

Z-wave Thermostat home alarm

Z-wave Thermostat


  • Two-way communication as part of a Z-wave network can be controlled both locally and remotely.
  • A Save Energy button adds two more modes for target temperatures to provide a single button setback mode for easy operation.
  • The digital thermostat allows you to easily set your desired heat or cool temperatures on the large screen with the Temp Up (+) and Temp Down (-) buttons.
  • Two-way communication as part of a Z-wave network can be controlled both locally and remotely.

Z-wave Lamp Module home alarm


Z-wave Lamp Module


The Z-Wave appliance module enables wireless control of on / off functions for all of your table lamps, floor lamps, and small appliances. It also allows you to dim the lights remotely or to place the lights on timers to give the illusion that you are moving throughout the house.

GE Carbon Monoxide detector home alarm

GE Carbon Monoxide detector


The GE carbon monoxide (CO) detector is an accu­rate and reliable means of alerting building occupants of potentially dangerous levels of CO in the protected area. The internal electro-chemical sensor communicates with a sophisticated on-board microprocessor that accurately tracks CO levels over time.

This commercial-grade detection technology results in quick response, reliable sensing, fast reset time, and superior false alarm immunity. Its small size allows the 250-CO to blend inconspicuously with any decor, and its smooth contoured design is compatible with both residential and commercial environments.

Unaffected by normal indoor temperature variations, the GE 250- CO actually self-adjusts for environmental changes and operates reliably under a wide variety of conditions. It also monitors its own performance and automatically compensates for sensitivity drift throughout the course of its service life.

GE Glass Break Detector home alarm


GE Glass Break Detector


The GE Wireless ShatterPro Series provides excellent false alarm immunity without compromising detection. It is ideal for applications where hardwired acoustic sensors are impractical. The Wireless ShatterPro Series is based on Sentrol’s field-proven Pattern Recognition Technology, which listens across the glassbreak frequency spectrum for greater false alarm immunity. This allows the sensor to detect breaking glass through blinds and light, unlined drapes. It features a 20′ (6.0 m) range from the sensor to the window. The Wireless ShatterPro Series is suitable for low-activity occupied areas on the perimeter loop.

GE Micro Multi purpose panic Button


The GE Micro Multi-purpose Panic Button features an updated design that is both chlorine- and UV-resistant for long-lasting and reliable performance. In addition, the Panic Button is water-resistant and functions as a wireless device used for activating police, fire, or auxiliary alarms throughout the premises. When the panic button is pressed, the LED mounted under the front cover will blink and an alarm signal is transmitted.

The status of the battery is sent in every transmission, and the battery is field-replaceable. The button also has five adapters that easily fit onto the panic button. Using these adapters, the panic button can be mounted on the wall, worn as a belt clip, watch, or pendant for maximum flexibility.

GE Micro Keyfob home alarm

GE Micro Keyfob


The Micro Keyfob is a small, powerful touchpad that functions as an electronic key to arm and disarm systems wirelessly. Functionality also includes the ability to activate police or auxiliary panic alarms, turn lights on/off or open a garage door—all from up to 500 feet away. Its highly compact size means the Micro Keyfob easily fits in purses, pockets or on a keychain. Plus, a specially designed.

Arm button, featuring small indentations, enables users to send commands blindly without having to look at the keyfob.

GE Wireless micro contact home alarm
GE Wireless micro contact


The Micro Door/Window Sensor is a supervised, wireless sensor that detects the opening and closing of doors, windows, drawers, or just about anything that opens and closes.

The sensor’s small size and low profile make it less conspicuous and make for a cleaner-looking installation. The sensor is powered by a 3-volt, lithium coin-cell battery with an estimated life of 5–8 years.

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