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Get a GE home alarm system today

What’s better than a lock and key? A ge home alarm system, that’s what. Now that technology has evolved to a point that everyone can afford an automated watchdog, you should really start thinking about who or what takes care of your house while you are away. Getting a watchdog sounds nice, it has a nice ring to it. But you’ll have to feed it and, as a living things, it has its flaws. A ge home alarm system on the other hand you just get it installed and it will be up and running in half a day. All it needs is electricity.

Take for example the GE Simon XT 600-1054-95R Wireless Home Security System Alarm Panel Board V2 unit. You can add up to 40 sensors to this ge home alarm system, it has a large LCD display that is back-lit and has simple settings for timers, pass code options and latchkey. And the siren is super loud. It also has a backup power supply that keeps the ge home alarm system up and running in case of a power outage. It also has emergency keys that are fast-actioned and a microphone for emergency communication (two-way) with the personnel of the monitoring station.

This ge home alarm system even has configurable voice chimes an anti-burglary settings: wireless door and window sensors, glass-break sensors and motion detectors that will cover all the rooms in your house. This ge home alarm system has even a wireless smoke and heat detector that will alert the fire department in case of a fire hazard. It will also protect you against dangerous carbon monoxide levels using a wireless CO sensor.

This ge home alarm system also has a water leak sensor and will alert you if the temperature drops to the point it would affect your piping. Nothing better to protect your home, ad at a cheap price too.


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