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Go wireless with home and office security

office securityWireless security systems are the newest trend when it comes to home security. They offer the same security and protection as your cabled security system but without the hassle of cables. Do you have poles around your house and don’t want to spend a fortune on hundreds of meters of cables? Give wireless security systems a try. You won’t have cables hanging from those poles, neither will you need to dig ditches to bury them underground. A wireless transmitter has a range wide enough to cover even the biggest suburban house. Ad when talking about wireless security systems, their greatest use is shown in office buildings.

There where hundreds and hundreds of meters of cable should be used to cover entire floors with sensors and security cameras, wireless security systems not only save you the hassle of spreading out cables but they also let you place those sensors and video cameras wherever you wish.

And if range is a problem, wireless security systems can make use of wireless repeaters that boost and amplify the signal. So you don’t have to worry about thick walls not letting that signal get through to the central processing unit.

There are wireless security cameras and wireless security sensors that can be hooked up and paired with various wireless security systems. It doesn’t even have to be the same brand for some of these accessories to work together. You can log into the camera feed wirelessly using only a laptop ad a passcode of your choosing. Besides your normal motion sensors, there are wireless temperature sensors that can sense when the temperature drops at a point low enough as to affect your water pipes in winter time. Also, there are wireless smoke detectors that can be hooked up to your wireless security systems so you will be altered in time if there is a fire hazard.

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