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Houston and Home Security

It is important to think about home security in this day and age. There are thieves in the streets of Houston at night as you can find them in any other city of the world and if your house doesn’t have the necessary protection, you mind end up being robbed right after midnight. Some people opt for a guard dog, but an animal is not so reliable if you are to protect a large home or an office building. Since technology has evolved greatly in the last few years, a home security device can offer you the best of electronic surveillance and protection on the market. Take for example those wireless home security systems. They have not only wireless cameras but wireless sensors that you can attach to your windows and doors. These sensors are tied via WiFi to a central processing unit that takes in all the data collected by these cameras and sensors. Such a home security system costs a few hundred bucks in Houston and you can get it even cheaper if you surf eBay. With shipping involved, you could get it at a bargain.

Returning to the sensors, these sensors can pick the slightest tap your window and alert the home security device. This device in turn will alert your security company, should you choose to go with one from your local Houston area. The people at the security company will then alert the Houston Police Department. Some security companies even opt to have their own task force to deal with home intrusions, so don’t be surprised if their people show up at your door in case of trouble, instead of the police.

There are many types of home security devices that you can get. The wired ones cost less but the wireless ones will give you better coverage and will free you from the hassle of having to bury cables underground.

Just remember that keeping your family safe comes above all, so don’t look at the prices when buying. After all, you can use the same home security device for ten, maybe twenty years. And there’s a chance it will still keep on working well after that.

Another thing you can do if you live in the Houston area is to put bars on your basement windows. Lots of thieves enter your house through small basement windows that are located in the back of your place. The glass of these can easily be shattered, so better to be safe than sorry. A home security device will keep you safe in the sense that it will alert you, your neighbors and the authorities, but there’s no telling what could happen in between the time the glass is shattered and the alarm sounds. Some thieves might actually get away with your belongings before the police arrives at the scene. That’s why it’s wiser to also install reinforced steel bars at your windows, even if this makes your house look uglier from the outside. Also take into account the possibility of a steel door at your main entrance.

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