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How about a home security system for your Austin home?

So what is the best home security system that you can get on the market today? A firm in Austin made a list of the most desirable traits of a home security system. the number one trait was chosen to be the price. Yes – people do care about how much they pay for the stuff they want. A cheap home security system will offer you the basics: wired sensors and other wired accessories. the device itself would be a small box with a keypad on it, all of it wired to your home’s electric grid. As you enter your house you would have to punch in the access code in order to prevent the alarm from sounding off. But if you really want your Austin home to be safer, then you should opt for a more expensive home security system. Such as a wireless home security system. A wireless home security system will allow you the flexibility your house needs. If you have a two story house and many rooms and widows to cover, a wireless home security system is more advisable than a wired one.

What happens with your Austin home in the case of a wired home security system is that you have to cover the base of the walls with wires. And we are talking about a lot of wires. They will make your walls look bad and you might even have to punch a whole or two in those walls in order to get cables through. A wired home security system means a mess has to be made for a while to get it installed. The wires need to spread out to all the windows and the doors that lead outside of the house. These doors and windows will be connected to some sensors which in turn are connected to the home security system by wiring. The more doors and windows you have, the more cables you will have to use.

That’s why you should consider using a wireless home security system in your Austin home. You can’t go wrong with wireless. You can have as many sensors as you like and they would all communicate with the central home security system through a WiFi signal. Said WiFi signal can cover more than a hundred square feet. Would you need more distance between the sensors and the home security system, you can use WiFi repeaters throughout your house in order to boost the signal. Three or four repeaters are good enough to cover a whole mansion, but the basic wireless home security system can accommodate a normal Austin home.

And let’s not forget about wireless security cameras. You can have one covering your lawn, one covering your front entrance, one for your garage door and one for each point of your house you think might need a better protection. These cameras are directly tied to the home security system and they can be made to record a non-stop feed that gets saved on the hard drives of the home security system. You can keep the feed stored up on DVD disks or you can delete them after 48 hours as to free up hard disk space.



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